A matter of aging

Basically, a lambic is not made with a lot of « houblon » or hop as we would say in english. It all about bacteria and yeast which are catched in the air the senne area in brussel.

Beer are placed in a large coolship, a kind of massive pot which let the beer enlarge itself. Then, when the lambic producer is sure the beer has beer contaminated, he can store it in a large barrel to let it rest for a couple of years. Then, to make a gueuze as Mort Subite gueuze, you need to blend different ages of lambic, old lambic and young lambic which will bring the sweetness and create the nice, strong and lively carbonation.

A Gueuze should be really dry and sour (almont acidic). That’s why you can drink it really easily and it is often compare to Champagne which share the same flavors and textures.


  1. Thanks for your post about lambic, I learnt a lot of stuff today, it is really intesresting.

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